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This year's event will be in Melbourne, Florida. The dates are October 25, 26 & 27, with departure on Sunday 10/28. Some items of interest will include a very special tour of a private car collection that has over 40 Shelby's including several Cobras, 9 Ford GT's, 24 Yenko's and more than 40 Indy Pace cars! We have even scheduled some time for shopping at the historic Cocoa Village.

Our host hotel is the Hampton Inn & Suites West Melbourne - Palm Bay Road---Hampton Inn & Suites, 4520 Durham Drive, West Melbourne, FL 32904, 321-372-7445  Parking is available 360 degrees around the hotel.A block of rooms have been secured for $89.00/night in the name of DSCC. Please let them know that you are a member of the Deep South Cobra Club to get your lower room price. 

RR 2018 Schedule

Thursday, October 25

Meet & Greet 5 PM (Pizza, Beer & wine) Provided by Backdraft

Friday, October 26

Depart hotel @ 8:30 AM for morning cruise

Stop at Ft Christmas (1 hour)

Lunch at Dixie Crossroads, Cocoa

Stop at Historic Cocoa Village (2 hours)

Arrive @ hotel around 3:30 PM

Dinner on your own

Saturday, October 27

Depart hotel @ 8:30 AM

Stop at American Muscle Car Museum ( 2 hours) Group Photo

Lunch at Squid Lips, Melbourne

Afternoon cruise

Arrive @ hotel around 4 PM

Annual DSCC dinner at Texas Roadhouse 6:30 PM

Sunday, October 28


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The Deep South Cobra Club (DSCC) is an organization that was founded in early 2000. The first Reptile Roundup was held in 2001 at Southern Automotive Engines in McDonough, GA. The clubs purpose is to enjoy motoring, travel, building & restoring Cobras, social events, and driving at track events. Mostly the club is here to have fun. The Deep South Cobra Club is proud to be sponsored by Backdraft Racing, Backdraft Motorsports, Classic Insurance, and Midwest Insurance.  The club is well known throughout the south and has been featured in many magazines. The DSCC currently has over 80 members. For the past 17 years, the club has held an Annual Reptile Roundup-usually in October or November. Additionally, the club attends the Lakeland-Lake Mirror Classic car show in October, organizes the annual Tallahassee 3-day Spring Cruise tour of Florida in March or April and has an annual 3-day Summer Mountain Cruise in North Georgia during July or August. January is the annual lunch cruise to a local resturant in middle Florida. Local events are held in Jupiter, Lakeland, Naples-Bonita Springs- Cape Coral, Tampa-Clearwater-St Pete throughout the year.

If you would like to join the club, click on DSCC Member Registration on the home page. Annual club dues are only $25 which run for a calendar year-dues are not prorated. Also, check out the DSCC Facebook and YouTube pages. These can be accessed on the Facebook and YouTube website-you don’t need to be registered to view these pages. The club does have a memberes only Facebook group that is comtrolled by the club moderator which is currently Mike Cheek. Contact Mike by clicking Here to gain access to the group. Facebook is our Primary Contact media for club communications. We also use the Cobra Club forum at: www.clubcobra.com 


Summer 2018

Deep South Cobra Club

Summer Newsletter



Now that it's officially summer, the heat and rainy season is just starting. Don't forget to feed and take care of your cobra during this time. It is so easy to forget that these beasts need to be exercised often to continue to be ready for an extended cruise from time to time. If you need to do any tune ups, this is the time to start them. As we all know, what starts out as a tune up, can easily become much more. Don't wait until the last minute! I want to see everyone in a cobra this year, not your family van following the crowd. We have the most fun when everyone is enjoying their cobras to the fullest. That's what this club is for! We all enjoy having a cobra and this event is for just that purpose. Of course, if your car is not ready, we still want you to be part of the cruise. All we ask is that you let us know if you are bringing alternate transportation. As with every event, it is being planned for the membership only.

This year, we have over 100 members. Not all have their own cobra, but we would love to have every member attend our events and cruises. I can't think of anything better than seeing everyone with the same passion and love for the cobra.


Spring Cruise - 2018

Our longtime DSCC club member, Ricky Harper, masterly completed another successful Spring Cruise event originating in the Guntersville, Alabama area. Rick puts his heart and soul into each cruise and adds many events to keep your attention throughout the weekend. I have heard nothing short of "Best Ever" from those that attended. Ricky, I would like to "Thank you" from all the DSCC membership.


Summer Mountain Cruise - August 

DSCC members, Billy & Kathy Godfrey, are our hosts for this year's Summer Mountain Cruise. Severe weather last year ultimately cancelled the proposed cruise that Billy and the club had been waiting all summer for. He has had time to make things even more memorable for this year's Summer Cruise.


This year's event will be based in Franklin, North Carolina. The dates will be August 23 to August 26. Arrival on Thursday with cruising on Friday and Saturday departing for home on Sunday. We will be staying at the Hampton Inn in Franklin. A group rate contract with them has been established for DSCC Members. A room rate of $107.10 plus taxes has been set with a cancellation cutoff date of seven days prior to arrival. We are only holding 15 to 20 rooms (king or queen) at this rate, which will be honored until all rooms are booked. You will need to call them direct at (828) 369-0600 to get this rate. Let them know that you are with the Deep South Cobra Club. If you choose to use Honors points, you need to book on their website. If you do, be sure to mention in the comments section that you are with the DSCC. Please contact Billy at happy777@myemc.netif you have any questions and let him know that you are going!


DSCC Reptile Roundup - Melbourne, Florida

October 25 to October 28, 2018

Your Secretary & Board member, Mike Cheek, has been putting together some great cruising routes and stops for this year's Reptile Roundup. This year's cruise includes a cruise to a private car collection museum while we take advantage of being so close to the ocean and plenty of great seafood restaurants. He has even scheduled some time for shopping at the historic Cocoa Village.

Most of the details have already been scheduled and we are putting the finishing touches on the route this summer. If you know or have a favorite spot to share for the cruise, be sure to share with Mike.


Reservations can now be made at the Hampton Inn Hotel. A block of rooms have been secured for $89.00/night in the name of DSCC. Please let them know that you are a member of the Deep South Cobra Club to get your lower room price. I have looked at the rooms and they are very nice. This hotel is brand new. Parking is available 360 degrees around the hotel.

Hampton Inn & Suites

 4520 Durham Drive

West Melbourne, FL 32904




Board Member Election for 2019

As President, I will be stepping down from my executive board position for 2019. It has been an experience of a lifetime and I want to thank everyone for that opportunity. My desire is to stay involved in the club affairs, but as with any position, it is time for someone else to captain this ship.


It is never too early to nominate another DSCC member for any future open board positions. At the end of this calendar year, we should have a couple of board positions to fill along with President and Secretary as Mike will be vacating his position as Secretary as well. If you, or someone you know would like to become a board member, or better yet, an executive position, please feel free to contact Mike Cheek, DSCC Secretary and make that official nomination to the board. We will follow up with the final list for elections in December.


Seize the moment and completely enjoy your cobra! Please share your fun with those you meet along the way. One of the best moments of any cruise with the club is when you stop and park as a group in some small town. With 20-25 cars rolling into a parking lot, we become a rolling car show. I can't tell you the times one of our members have offered a child the chance to sit in the car while the parents take photos of the event. You become a hero to someone and a family memory of a lifetime for everyone.


We hope to see everyone at the Summer Mountain Cruise in Franklin, North Carolina.  

Don't forget to put our 2018 Reptile Roundup in Melbourne, Florida on your calendar for October.


Be safe and responsible with these insanely powerful cars. Have a great summer!




Bruce H. Miller


Deep South Cobra Club


Join Us On Facebook

We now have a private page on Facebook where we can communicate and interact with one another to post most anything Cobra related, photos, events, or whatever you feel might be of interest. If you are on Facebook, go to Deep South Cobra Club - members only and request that your name be added. Remember this is for members only.



                                                             PAST  EVENTS


13th RR in SWFL

Reptile Roundup 2014 was attended by 28 Cobra drivers. The highlight of the event was viewing the Collier Collection at the REVS Institute in Naples. Check out their website here .

Click here and here to view Dan Wulff's photos.


 Sebring Car Show May 24

Eleven cobras attended a  short notice car show at Sebring where we also got to run three parade laps on the full course. Thanks Mike Cheek for setting it up. Santiago Fonseca won his 1st trophy with his new Backdraft pictured on the top left of the below photo.


Randy's Tour De La Cobra! April 24-27

Life is a Highway

Ricky Tillman Harper


So you built your life’s dream -- big engine, great wheels, God’s own soundtrack.  You spent countless hours planning every detail; you tossed in bed at night wondering if the dream would ever come true.  Then it did.  Perhaps you built it yourself; turning the wrench on every bolt and popping every rivet, or maybe you just wrote a check.  Regardless, your pride and joy is sitting in your garage right now.  Its skin gleams, the instruments are elegant jewels, the lines are graceful and that gorgeous Moto-Lita steering wheel looks like glass and is liquid-smooth to the touch.  Life is grand when our dreams come true.

Unfortunately some, perhaps even many, owners of these wonderful machines leave them right there, sitting in the garage to be admired on occasion and driven even less.  Maybe these owners want their masterpiece to remain pristine, untouched, unblemished for eternity, like an heirloom to be passed down through the centuries.  Maybe they are simply too busy to enjoy the gift that is driving a well-built Cobra replica.  Whatever the reason, these owners are missing out on one of the most satisfying experiences to be enjoyed with these cars, and that is to attend a cruising event with a bunch of like-minded enthusiasts.

One such event is ‘Randy’s Tour De La Cobra’, a spring cruise organized annually by the Deep South Cobra Club (DSCC).  This year marked the fourth year of the event which started in 2010.  The first two years of the three -day event were based in Tallahassee, Florida.  In 2012, just one week before that year’s tour, organizer and past DSCC president Randy Dender was killed in a traffic accident.  The tour was cancelled; many of the participants attended Randy’s memorial service instead.  The tour returned in 2013 with a new name honoring Randy, who was liked and even loved by almost all that knew him.  In 2013, the event moved to Jacksonville and featured some great cruising in South Georgia and the northeast Florida region.

This year’s tour was based in St. Augustine, Florida, and showcased the natural beauty of the area.  The event kicked off Thursday night with a meet-and-greet where attendees were each presented a beautiful metal Cobra silhouette by Don Wright, owner of Tangent Technologies.  

Friday morning brought sunshine and cool temperatures.  The Cobras lined up and departed on a drive along the lovely shaded roads bordering the eastern shore of the mighty St. Johns River.  Later the tour turned eastward to Tomoka State Park where nearly 30 attendees enjoyed a charming drive around the park which showcases Florida’s natural coastal estuaries.   

Saturday’s weather was even better with warmer temperatures and cloudless skies.  The roads were just as interesting, featuring a drive along the winding coastal highways north of Jacksonville and a ferry trip across the St Johns River.  The day was capped by a unique dining experience and an awards banquet where some participants were presented with one-of-a-kind handmade metal sculptures based on criteria such as who drove their replica the farthest to attend the event or which owner experienced the most hardship during the tour. 

The tour highlight was Saturday’s visit to Brumos Porsche in Jacksonville.  Anyone following sport car racing of any kind knows that Brumos campaigns one of the most prolific and successful Porsche racing teams in the country, and has been doing so for more than 40 years.  Their iconic red, white and blue paint scheme and ubiquitous number 59 Porsche 911 cars are darlings of the race track.  The DSCC folks were treated to a guided tour of the dealership, service facility, the race shop where the cars are built, and the stunning private Brumos collection.

The collection showcased decades of race cars from their magnificent 962 in Copenhagen livery to Miller Indy race cars from the 1920s.  Memorabilia of every description was on display, including some beautiful modern Indy cars that were hanging on the walls as if defying gravity.  To be sure, the Brumos tour was the highlight of the event, but it was not the best part.

What would that be, you ask?  It is the satisfaction you enjoy when you get a little dirt on your car.  That dirt is a reminder of wonderful new sights, of being reunited with friends past and making new lifelong friends because of a simple common love for these cars.  That dirt is a badge of honor and evidence of an adventure that has to be experienced to fully understand.  A pretty car in a garage is a great thing, but a car dirty from a long trip with friends is a magical thing.  If you think the attention you get in your Cobra is fun, try multiplying that times 20 or 30.  People come out of the woodwork when there are a bunch of these cars parked anywhere, and the conversations are more like gushing teenagers with a crush than actual adult communication.  People’s reactions to these cars are amplified when there is a group of them; you have to experience it to believe it.

The DSCC offers several such events each year, and you have no excuse not to get that car out of the garage and get it dirty.  The dirt will wipe off, but the smiles will last a lifetime.  Life may be grand when our dreams come true, but it is much grander when you share your dream with other people.



                               Dan's Palooza in Mt. Dora
Click here for pics.
: 2014 Mount Dora Cobra Trip Mar 14-16 By Dan Wulff


                           Sponsor Finish Line Re-Opening party
Click below to see party photos.

2014 Finish Line Re-Opening Pembroke Pines FL Feb 22nd By Dan Wulff


                                Cody's Roadhouse Cruz-In
Click below to view photos of the cruz-in.
: 2014 DSCC Cody's Roadhouse Cruz-In Sebring FL Jan 26th By Dan Wulff

Reptile  2013  Reptile Roundup

November 14-16 2013

The 12th annual Reptile Roundup was threatened by the first major cold front to pass thru West Palm Beach, FL.  It is rumored that someone conducted an anti-rain dance that worked. Early Friday morning Paul & Anita Buxe led us out of the Embassy Suites hotel, while Chris Moon ran interference & blocked 3-lanes of traffic with his trailer to allow 28 cobras to exit in mass. Chris only got a few unfriendly finger waves, but the 3-hour scenic run to the National Navy UDT- Seal Museum got off to a great start. As expected, we lost a few cobras in the high-density run. However, thanks to Paul & Anita laying out the exact written routing, everyone was able to catch up to the lead group for the arrival at the museum. Our personal guide led us thru this outstanding exhibit of our brave UDT-Seals. A low calorie lunch followed at Archies Seabreeze in Ft Pierce. Check out Dan Wulff’s photos here  Great Pics Dan. We completed the run back to the hotel to get ready for our Meet & Greet held at long time sponsor Backdraft Racing new showroom and shop in Boynton Beach. Reg Dodd and the Backdraft Boys gave us the royal treatment with lots of Cobra eye candy to look at and an unlimited supply of pizza and fluids.

Track participants left the hotel early Saturday to get set up for a fun day at Palm Beach International Raceway. The track event with Performance Driving Group was sold out. The competition for the DSCC fastest lap time was fierce. Only 3-seconds separated several club contenders. Dave Evans FFR had the fastest time at 1:33.4  (see photo on sponsor page). In the manufactures group, Richard Bailey had the quickest time of 1:26 in a Backdraft prepped cobra with a standard coyote engine. While the track drivers were having fun, the club car show was held in the paddock area. Stan Lane’s Excalibur Cobra took Best of Show-see the pics above-8th row-1st column (red with white strip & the best looking padded black top). His cobra also had the highest mileage of any club Cobra >133,000 miles on 3-engines. The oldest Cobra was Barry Smith’s 1996 Excalibur. The newest was Richard Bailey’s Backdraft at 3-weeks old. Traveling the farthest was Garry Bopp from Atlanta, GA. Each was awarded a free 2014 renewal of their club membership. Media coverage was provided by Joe Greeves for Kit Car Builder, so be on the lookout for the Roundup article soon.

Saturday night the club caravanned to attend the Abacoa car show. Rain was forecast, so we waited out a few sprinkles and 26 cobras attended the show. 300 local Jupiter, FL attendees listened to the TV forecasters and stayed home. The rain never came & the cobras stole the show. During the car show, the club held our annual membership meeting dinner to elect directors and plan for 2014 activities. The following were elected to serve for 2014: Richard Bailey, Mike Cheek, Ricky Harper, Larry Hess, Bruce Miller, Jim Pomroy & Tom Wells. The board will meet in January to elect the officers of the club. Closing out the meeting was the drawings for door prizes. Kudos to sponsors Backdraft Racing and FinishLine for donating great prizes.




Ford’s Garage Ft Myers, FL Cruise-In 9/29/13

Dan Wulff organized a Sunday lunch cruise-in which was supported by Ford’s Garage. We had 13 cobra’s  parked on Dean Street. Sponsor’s  Finish Line-Jackie & Harold Riobe & her cousin Johnnie came from the East coast bearing gifts & a 20% off gift card for your next purchase from Finish Line. Be sure to look up the contact info for Finish Line on page 4 of this newsletter. They have a lot of cobra products at great value prices.


Check out Dave Hackney’s pictures in the following links:

Ford's Garage Cruise-In 

Dan's post on Club Cobra


Randy’s Tour De La Cobra

By Dan Wulff


This is the fourth year starting on September 19-21 2013, of the 24-hour cobra runs out of Jacksonville, Florida.  Randy Dender and his Deep South Cobra Club member and best friend Ricky Harper started this run four years ago and it became very popular with cobra owners from the Northern end of Florida and states above.  One week before the start of the 3rd event Randy was tragically killed while driving his cobra, so in loving Memory of Randy Evan Dender 1956-2012, age 56, who passed away Saturday, March 24, 2012 in Tallahassee.  Now this 24 hour event will be called (Randy’s Tour De La Cobra). 

We had a chance to meet Jackie Riobe who joined us on this cobra cruise, being the daughter of Paula and Enzo Alibrandi of the cobra accessories company Finish Line.  If enthusiasm and energy will get the job done, Jackie will make her new endeavor and position at Finish Line a very successful endeavor.

At 9am on Friday morning, we lined up with about 28 cobra drivers for the first leg of our cruise.  We drove in and around the South Eastern coastal areas of Georgia.  This day included some beautiful scenery, great dining, little or no traffic on fun roads.  The old and new south was the theme, with moss-draped live oaks.  The biggest thing of all these trips is seeing old friends and meeting new friends, and now if I could only remember all their names. 

On Saturday September 29, we left the parking lot at about 8:30am, for more scenic cruising over beautiful roads.  We were headed for some of the fantastic scenery of North East Florida including Amelia Island and Fort George. Saturday evening’s banquet concluded the trip and Ricky Harper gave out some great awards and prizes.  The awards were made by Ricky from bent pistons and rods from a 4 cylinder blown engine that Ricky raced.   The evening banquet was held in the parking lot of the Crowne Plaza with pizza and beer.  Until next year and the 5th cobra in Tallahassee cruise keep in touch with the Deep South Cobra Club’s web site.   www.dscc.us


Click on this link to see photos by Dan Wulff and Santiago Fonseca:

Randy's Tour De La Cobra Cruise


North Georgia Cruise July 12-13 Click below for
N. GA pics by Garry Bopp.docx





Cobras at Sebring, Florida

As the sign says : "Power is nothing without control" Cobras have no ABS nor Traction Control--just a great driver behind the wheel who knows the dynamics behind control of POWER...                         

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